Handbook in Cargo Securing

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Handbook in Cargo Securing is a comprehensive, state-of-the-art manual for anyone involved in the loading and securing of cargo to be transported by road, rail, or sea.



The book is based on the CTU Code as well as the EU BPG (European Best Practice Guidelines), meaning that it applies to cargo securing across the globe.

Many guides about blocking and lashing of cargo focus on securing of cargo for transport by either road, rail, or sea and do not consider multimodal transport or transport across borders.

This detailed manual considers the entire transport chain which is particularly useful when securing cargo for combined transport, domestically and internationally.


Intermodal transport of container from Europe to the USA



Companies within the transport sector can benefit from granting access to Handbook in Cargo Securing to employees responsible for the loading and securing of goods on vehicles, railway wagons as well as in containers and other cargo transport units.

Knowing and understanding how to load and secure cargo properly can prevent accidents caused by inadequately secured goods falling off of vehicles or trains.

It will also help prevent container ships from listing in rough weather as correct loading and securing of cargo inside containers are essential factors to ensure ship stability.

The book is also highly useful for teachers at high schools and other educational institutions within the transport sector who are looking for an all-in-one, detailed guide to cargo securing by road, rail, and sea.

The principles described will facilitate the teaching, and the logical structure of the internetBook makes it a breeze to find the right content at a glance.



Topics include:

  • Introduction - this chapter is open for you to get a sneak peek free of charge
  • Consequences of inadequately loaded and secured cargo; Liability
  • Forces acting on the cargo during transport; General cargo securing principles
  • Different cargo transport units; Cargo securing techniques
  • Equipment for securing and protecting cargo in cargo transport units
  • Safe manual handling of cargo; Awareness of cargo care and load planning
  • Loading and securing of uniform cargo, general cargo, paper products, machinery
  • Measures after completion of loading; Transportation of dangerous goods

In addition, the internetBook contains two appendices with mathematical formulas for dimensioning of cargo securing arrangements according to the CTU Code and EN 12195-1:2010, respectively.


Handbook in Cargo Securing contains multiple mathematical formulas for lashing according to CTU Code and EN12195-1:2010



The publishing company, TUR Forlag, and the authors, MariTerm AB, proudly present Handbook in Cargo Securing which has seen the light of day in a close collaboration between the publishers and authors.

MariTerm AB is a Swedish knowledge-based consultancy company specialised in the field of safe and high quality transports. Since 1978, the objective of the company has been to contribute to the efficient and safe transportation of cargo, an area subject to constant evolution and change.

MariTerm AB has built a team of long experienced and highly skilled civil engineers and master mariners. They participate in advanced transport R&D projects funded by research institutes, national or regional public funds, branch organisations, trust funds, or privately owned businesses.

In addition, thanks to the extensive expertise and know-how the company has gained since 1978, MariTerm AB participates in the development of new legislation, standards within CEN and ISO as well as guidelines and codes within EU and UN (IMO/ILO/UNECE). In this capacity, the company is always on top of current regulations as well as upcoming changes.

As a result, this internetBook is always up-to-date in terms of regulations in force at the time of reading

MariTerm AB is also an important player when it comes to education and training in the fields of cargo securing, dangerous goods, ship stability, and maritime management systems.

Their services include:

Research, development, and consultancy services

  • Cargo securing, cargo care, cargo damage surveys
  • Dangerous goods, including safety advisory
  • Intermodal transports
  • Maritime management systems
  • Vessel construction and safety at sea


  • Cargo securing
  • Dangerous goods
  • Ship stability
  • Maritime management systems (ISPS-SSO (Ship Security Officer), ISM internal audit as well as root cause analysis)


MariTerm fields of expertise cargo securing



An internetBook is an online interactive book that allows you to:

  • search for specific words
  • activate the web reader
  • click on images to get a close look
  • ask questions
  • make notes, etc.

You buy access for 1 year. Once your access expires you will still have access to your notes as they are stored in your personal Google profile.

NOTE: As opposed to a printed book, an internetBook can be updated immediately, meaning that you will always have access to the latest updated content.



If you prefer to read Handbook in Cargo Securing in another language, this internetBook is also available in Danish and Swedish.

These versions have been localised to match the national conditions and regulations in Denmark and Sweden, respectively.

Click the links below for the version you prefer:


Håndbogen i lastsikring

Håndbogen i lastsikring_cover


Handbok i lastsäkring

Handbok i lastsäkring



Please feel free to contact us for any questions you may have:

  • Questions relating to the purchase of Handbook in Cargo Securing, contact TUR Forlag, +45 35 87 87 00, info@turforlag.dk
  • Questions relating to the contents of Handbook in Cargo Securing, contact MariTerm AB, +46 042 - 33 31 00, info@mariterm.se
  • Not quite sure why proper cargo securing is essential? Understand why here



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